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We are proud to announce that Total War: THREE KINGDOMS will also include a new, third additional gameplay and graphics mode alongside 'Records' and 'Romance' - Mobile Mode! This simulates the extreme mobile graphics experience that fans have been crying out for - so take a look at what this new addition has to offer:

Vastly Inferior Graphics!

We've done our best to make sure that you get everything you expect from a historic mobile emulation. Mobile Mode utilises the full power of your desktop PC to simulate almost 2 colours at once, and literally tens of pixels onscreen at the same time. We've removed almost all the graphics, leaving only the important stuff, like unit cards and arrow trails!

Reduced gameplay features!

To make sure that we've done everything that we can to make your gameplay experience as streamlined as possible, we decided to get rid of those pesky battles and that wholly unnecessary diplomacy system. Instead we've shifted to collecting as many heroes as you can find and making them fight in a newly revamped randomly decided autoresolve. Now there are absolutely no tactics required!

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It's slightly below average!
Why did we even do this?

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